Oral intake

Cold and Flu

Boiron Cold and Flu:

France No.1 Cold and flu product – Oscillococcinum, no side effect, non-drowsy.Prevent and relieve cold and flu-like symptom.

Digestive system

Lacteol fort:

antibiotic treatment or stress can lead to diarrhea. Lacteol fort has been clinically proven effectively relieve diarrhea. It is used by major private hospitals or clinic in Hong Kong.

Refresh the mind

Hong Kong people are busy. For example, taking exam, meeting, working. they always lack of spirit. Some people will take caffeine or energy drinks to rely on irritating nervous systems. But it is not a effective method.


Gincosan specific, standardised extracts of Ginkgo biloba GK501 and Panax ginseng G115. To support memory, mental energy and cognitive performance.


Keenmind specific, standardised extract of Bacopa monnieri CDRI08. To support student or adultmemory, concentration and learning retention.



Pharmaceutical-grade marine fish oil with co-enzyme Q10 to help maintain a healthy heart. cardiozen plays an important role in the production and releasing of energy in body tissue especially in our hearts.