Young Children

Brain development

Eye q baby:

The need of EPA:DHA ratio are different between baby and children . For example, the brains are still developing rapidly before 3 years old. And they require more DHA.

The eye q baby’s fish oil formula is tailor made for children from 6 months to 3 years old.

Oral care


The baby should be maintain oral cleansing, to reduce the aphthous infection caused by Candida infection (It is the most common in the first year baby). OralPeace is a 100% natural ingredient oral cleansing product. It use Japan patent ingredient – Neonisin-e, to prevent tooth decay, maintain oral cavity and effectively kill tooth decay bacteria and periodontitis bacteria. It suitable for baby.


Camilia teething drops temporarily relieve symptoms of teething, including painful gums and irritability, as well as minor digestive disorders sometimes associated with teething. Camilia is your one-product teething solution. Calm your baby’s teething pain and restore the peace.


Look after the baby is not easy. Cold, fever, itching, bilious, bruises and bumps… Those are easily happen in usual. Therefore, we should choose quality and effective product to baby.

Boiron Calendula Cream:

Moisturizing and solve the skin problem.

Boiron Cold and Flu:

Prevent and relieve cold, flu-like symptom and cough. It is natural and no side effect.

Lacteol fort:

Antidiarrheal of microbial origin

Boiron Arnicare Cream:

Muscle Pain & Stiffness, Swelling from Injuries, Bruising