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Product Name:Perskindol Relax Oil 250ml  
Brand :Vifor SA, Switzerland
Produce Abstract:Contains natural ingredients and Vitamin E, gently stimulates blood circulation and causes a pleasant warming of the parts of the body treated. Soothing and moisturizing hypersensitive skin and dry skin. Ideal for massage purposes.

Product Name:Perskindol Cool Gel 100gm  
Brand :Vifor SA, Switzerland
Produce Abstract:Apply in a thin layer several times per day onto affected area.

Product Name:Perskindol Classic Gel 100gm  
Brand :Vifor SA, Switzerland
Produce Abstract:Suitable for use before/after sports. It provides a unique sensation of "cooling/ heating" which activates the metabolism in the treated muscle tissues,to relieve muscle fatigue and prevention of cramps phenomenon.
Perskindol products are light perfumed, the non-greasy formula can easily penetrate the underlying muscle with noticeable effect and long lasting.

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